"Keoke" joined our Pack from a military family in San Diego, California on August 24, 2012. Since his former owner's husband joined the military they moved a lot and were now living on base. He was being deployed and she was pregnant with her third child. The other two were also very young children. The couple had always worked very hard to keep the animal well exercised and involved in activities to keep Keoke occupied and out of the troubles that these animals have a tendency to get into. Heb has passed the CGC and had started therapy training as well as agility. According to the breeder that gave this animal to his former owner, Keoke is suppose to be Arctic/British Columbian/Mexican Grey Wolf & Malamute

Our long time U.S. Wolf Refuge supporters know that we believe "New Life-New Name" so all of the volunteers present at the Work-Weekend took a vote and we renamed "Lycaon" to "Keoke".

Although this large guy exhibits a wonderful personality most of he time and gets along with many of our pack members (except Comanche-apparently a bit of competition there) he has also proven his ability exhibit extreme aggression lately so he is now a permanent resident at our sanctuary and not available for adoption. He is exhibiting WOLF behavior and will live out the remainder of his life with us.

Keoke's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
November 30, 2006
95 lbs.
No, Permanent Resident

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