Kasa joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on March 21, 2009. She came to us from Amador County Animal Control after her family lost their home to foreclosure. She was approximately 2 years old at that time and had been raised with Children and other dogs in the family.

In most California cities any dog that is even suspected of being a wolf mix is not eligible for re-homing out of a shelter. The only way of saving them is for an authorized rescue organization to pull them or the animal is automatically euthanized. When her owners surrendered her they classified her as a Wolf-Dog so her fate was somewhat sealed. Shellie Robertson from the United States Wolf Refuge was fortunate to have received a call from the animal shelter and was able to "rescue" her before she was euthanized. She immediately picked her up and continued on to the refuge in Nevada.

Kasa (Hopi Indian for "dressed in furs") has proven herself to be a priceless addition to the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack. Because of her wonderful friendly disposition and the fact that she was raised with children and other animals, she became an Ambassador Animal and began going to public events after a very short time. She is a permanent resident of the refuge and will not be offered for adoption.

Until his death Kasa and our former Ambassador "Aries" were a bonded pair that not only attended public events together but shared a three acre mountain enclosure at the refuge where they had the freedom to run and play among the trees and rocks. So far, although she is close to Comanche, she has not shared that “bond” with another male. We think that she and Aries were soul mates.

Kasa's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
March 2007
85 lbs.
No. USWR Ambassador

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