We're all so happy that she has finally found her people to love. She's also getting a new sister with this adoption. "Hoku", also a wolf-dog, is a little older than Hina. The two of them have met a few times over the course of a week and are on their way to becoming the best of friends

Hina joined our pack as a rescue from the city animal shelter in Antioch CA. Her owner cried as she told the shelter personnel that she could no longer care for this young wolf-dog pup alone and that she was only 8-1/2 months old. She had been purchased as a baby from a California wolf-dog breeder. .

Since one of the U.S. Wolf Refuge staff is also a volunteer at this animal shelter, they assured the woman that Hina would be safe and that they were sure we would help her. Hina is currently being raised by (& raising havoc with) the "House Pack" ) living in Bill Chamberlains house with Temerity, Athena and Arrow. The "old lady" Temerity tolerates the youngsters and Athena pretty much sits back and watches while Hina uses Arrow as her play toy!


Destiny's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
January 2011
65 lbs.
March 2011

Until very recently Hina was co-habitating with the "House Pack" within Bill Chamberlains house and yard. She has matured now and as a more mature female it was natural for her to challenge the older female of the house to be the Alpha Female within that pack. That wasn't gonna fly with us ... that older female is our beloved Athena and Athena will never be booted off her throne as long as we can help it. Hina is now with the rest of the pack (which she loves!) within the large compound. She now gets to run and rough house with Kasa, Comanche and the rest of the animals. We are hoping to someday soon make her Comanche's new room mate.