Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) is one of the most remarkable animals to ever reside at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. She joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on August 25, 2007. She is the smallest of all the residents here at the Refuge, yet she is able to play and get along with all of the much bigger ones. She just exudes happy playfulness. A heart-felt thanks goes out to Alan Doyle of Siberian Husky Rescue & Referral of Northern California.

In August 2007 Alan received a call from Shasta Lake Animal Shelter saying that they had a Wolf-Siberian Husky mixed puppy that needed immediate rescue or she was being euthanized. He called Shellie Robertson, Staff person with the U.S. Wolf Refuge, who called Bill Chamberlain, the Refuge's curator. A spot was available and the rescue was on. Athena was literally just HOURS from being euthanized. Alan drove from his home in the S.F. Bay area to Shasta Lake and picked up Athena. He then drove to Sacramento to meet Bill who drove there from Reno. They met, Alan turned Athena over to Bill, and Bill returned to the Refuge with Athena.

At the time Athena was only about 4 months old. She was very sick and completely covered in demodectic mange. The most amazing thing about Athena is that she was the prodigy of a disgusting back-yard breeder. Shasta Lake authorities were investigating the site and were bringing animal abuse and neglect charges to the residents. It is remarkable for her to have had this horrid beginning to her life, and to now have this joyous and happy attitude that she has today. In 30 years of dealing with dogs and wolves, I have never known an animal to simply enjoy living as much as Athena.

The treatment for the mange was going to take months of daily care and keeping her separated from the all the others. Mange can spread quickly. A pen was built specially for her far from all the other wolves. All during her treatment we were expecting to find a number of other physical ailments. She quickly became the picture of health and happiness. She is a joy just to be around. Her demeanor is always playful and happy. She is very social and loves everybody. Our former Ambassador Temerity and Athena were inseparable until Temerity passed in May 2012. Athena's best play pal is Comanche. Comanche is huge. He towers over Athena, but they play and rough-house together until they're both exhausted.

Athena is going to remain at the Refuge because she holds a very special place in Bill Chamberlain’s heart and because her temperament and behavior are invaluable. She is able to bring a feeling of complacency and security to any new animal that comes to the Refuge. She sets an atmosphere that reduces that anxiety that any new rescue normally has when they arrive. This enables the staff of the U.S. Wolf Refuge to more quickly interact with them and enables them to be "re-homed" much sooner.

If ever there is such thing as the perfect canine, the U.S. Wolf Refuge has been blessed to have had three of them. Pioneer – our first ambassador that we lost at 9 years old to bone cancer. Temerity – our second ambassador who lived a remarkable 16 years – and Athena who is as wonderful an animal as anyone could ask for. Athena resides with the “House Pack” in a yard/enclosure that is attached to Bill’s home.

Athena's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
March 2007
82 lbs.
No, Permanent Resident

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