July 21st, 2008 was a wonderful day in history for our Refuge. It was the day that "ARIES" joined our pack, partnering with Temerity as a potential candidate for "Ambassador-in-Training". Our precious 13-year-old Temerity is a perfect Ambassador at public events, impeccably representing our Refuge and her breed. If all goes well, Temerity will have many more years to guide Aries and teach him the "do's & don'ts" of an Ambassadors protocol.

Aries is the victim of foreclosure. His owner in Northern California found it necessary to make the heartbreaking decision to give up her 3 year-old companion. Many people pulled together to ensure that this magnificent animal found a safe and loving new home. He was rescued by Kate Montgomery of The Dog Spot Rescue in Woodland, California, a friend and fellow rescuer of Shellie Robertson who is a volunteer for the United States Wolf Refuge. Shellie temporarily turned Aries over to his "foster Auntie" and our volunteer, Christine Mikulice ( over a long and thoroughly enjoyable weekend where she spoiled him rotten! Bill Chamberlain - the Refuge's curator - drove in from Nevada on Sunday to meet the new member of his pack and took him back to the Refuge on Monday.

Aries's Statistics

Jan 2005

Since being here, Aries has shown his true personality. He is very energetic and enthusiastic. He loves to play with those he likes. We have been slow to introduce him to some of the others because of their behavior and disposition. He gets along wonderfully with Tyra, his pen mate, and they enjoy their time together. Aries rides well in cars and trucks, and seems very comfortable in public situations. Temerity and Aries get along OK but, in Temerity's older years, the only thing important to her is her relationship with "dad," Bill Chamberlain. Ambassador training is progressing on Aries terms rather than Temerity's. He enjoys his time in public with enthusiasm – sometimes more enthusiasm than the situation calls for.


Paws-crossed that Aries can fill Temerity's "shoes."!