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  • Return to Arizona ... Wolf Recovery Program
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  • 3 is not always a crowd

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Wolf & Wolf-Hybrid Placement

Wolves and Wolf-hybrids are magnificent animals that many see as a status symbol. Before you consider getting one, read Bill Chamberlain's Placement Guide. It will give you some great insight and guidance.

Gain some more insight by reading "Find Your Wolf a New Home" by Bill Chamberlain.

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by Bill Chamberlain
U.S. Wolf Refuge founder & director

Birthday Cake

The wolf uses teamwork, unity and synergy to survive. It enables 90-pound wolves to bring down 1000-pound elk. In our 30 year history I have tried to bring together as many wolf advocacy people and groups as possible. We are all much stronger and more effective when we act together. The U.S. Wolf Refuge has been around for 30 years because of our working with other wolf groups and our dedicated volunteers working together. ...

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Why go through all the hassles of selling the vehicle, when a simple, phone call is all it takes?

There is no cost to you, plus you get the satisfaction of helping these magnificent animals, and you may be eligible for a tax deduction!

To donate your vehicle please call
the United States Wolf Refuge (775) 475-0510

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