May 2016

May's Newsletter is on-line

  • Powwow is here! - As all of you know (since we've been discussing it and planning it for MONTHS!) we are preparing to once again go to our biggest fundraising event of the year which is the STANFORD POWWOW at the Stanford University Eucalyptus Grove in Stanford CA. ...
  • "Lokahi" - As a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization the U.S. Wolf Refuge always needs your help and support. This month (ONCE AGAIN) we are asking for help to offset veterinary costs for LOKAHI. ...
  • Pack Member of the Month - "Athena"
  • Upcoming Events

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The US Wolf Refuge "Adopt-a-Wolf" Program

Adopt a Wolf package

A fantastic gift for one of your children or grandchildren. Introduce them to the world of wolves & wolf-dogs.

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U. S. Wolf Refuge Education Program

A Renewed Focus on On The Truth Surrounding These Magnificent Creatures.

Bill at Lincoln Park School

Programs are presented at schools, colleges, university's, wildlife conservation groups, libraries, community organizations, veterinarian offices, humane societies, animal welfare groups, animal control agencies, and other public groups where our message can be heard. To learn more about having the United States Wolf Refuge present for your organization, please contact us.

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Wolf & Wolf-Hybrid Placement

Wolves and Wolf-hybrids are magnificent animals that many see as a status symbol. Before you consider getting one, read Bill Chamberlain's Placement Guide. It will give you some great insight and guidance.

Gain some more insight by reading "Find Your Wolf a New Home" by Bill Chamberlain. Download the Adoption Questionnaire and / or the the Adoption Agreement.

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